Exclusive Promotion for Taiwan Festival 2012

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為期三天的台灣文化節2012終於即將到來,在Sept/1st-Sept/3rd我們除了有攤位介紹產品之外,現場還有填問卷好處多多的活動,只要填問卷,就可依卷領取贈品,也可以問卷參加9月30的抽獎活動,獎品豐富,切勿錯過!還有Sept/3rd下午1:00-2:00在Robson Square的月子料理示範秀,現場也提供試吃,請踴躍參加喔!

三獎 3名 滋補飲或孕媽咪養生茶包一盒
二獎 2名 月康三階段系列茶包一組或杜仲補養品一罐
一獎 1名 ANVUELA + mini studio one free session plus $50 Credit*
特獎 1名 $100 Credit 風車生活購物金**

note:* $50 credit on purchasing digital file or frame.$50 Credit 適用於購買數位版本或者相框 in Anvuela + mini Studio. No cash value. Exclusive for Vancouver ,BC resident.
note:** $100 credit on any products purchasing or order of postpartum meal (30 Days in Vancouver Area) with Windmill Living Canada. No cash value.$100 購物金適用於風車生活產品或者月子餐外送(30 days,限溫哥華).

Sharing is good!只要在Facebook上分享這篇blog,也會擁有一個抽獎機會喔! 或者至風車生活加拿大的臉書粉絲團的Highlight文按下Share也可以!

Sept/1st 11:00-20:00 PST
Sept/2nd 11:00-20:00 PST
Sept/3rd 11:00-18:00 PST

Special thanks to Anvuela + mini Studio for sponsor the Lucky Draw!!

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    special promotion. TWFEST 2012 | anvuela said:
    August 30, 2012 at 10:52 pm

    […] ANVUELA + mini studio has donated a free session plus $50 credit to this event. You can click HERE for more info and […]

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